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The mineral cast washbasins from CasaDiVanna convince with diversity in design. Mineral casting is becoming increasingly popular in the sanitary industry, as it can be cast in a wide variety of shapes. In contrast to the usual ceramics, mineral casting allows customised designs of any kind.
Mineral casting consists mainly of mineral substances, with resin serving as a binder. There are almost no limits to the shapes, whether angular, round or a completely unusual shape.

Cast mineral washbasins are completely seamless and therefore have a particularly high-quality appearance. Due to their composition, mineral cast washbasins can be retrofitted with drill holes. The look similar to ceramics in white high gloss is also extremely easy to clean and keep germ-free thanks to the non-porous smooth surface. A normal washing-up liquid is quite sufficient for cleaning. In contrast to ceramic, the lightweight mineral cast washbasin is easy to install and can also be mounted on the wall.
Scratches or scratches can be easily repaired, chipping can be easily repaired without specialist knowledge, and scratches can be easily polished out.

The surface of a mineral cast washbasin is somewhat softer than ceramic, which has the advantage that in the event of damage, it is not as significant. A mineral cast washbasin is a cost-effective and high-quality alternative to a ceramic washbasin and is in no way inferior in appearance.

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